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Close up of The Compost Chick bucket full of compost with logo sticker sitting on top top view

Noun: Compost

Definition: Decayed organic material used as a plant fertilizer.

How Does Composting Work? What goes Into It?

Infographic depicting how composting works
What Makes Compost

Has your garden been lacking some life and luster? Treat your fruits and veggies right when you utilize compost. 

What To Expect From
The Compost Chick

When you decide to compost with The Compost Chick, you can expect great things! Just save your food waste, and weekly, The Compost Chick, will pick it up and put it to good use. When your waste has reached its full potential as rich, plant-fueling, compost, we'll bring you a bucket full each month, allowing you to reap the rewards of your leftovers. 

Beginning Stage of composting top down view of bucket with food waste

We Collect

Turning Compost Piles with pitchfork

We Give It Time

Compost on a Shovel

You Reap The Rewards

Whats Special About How We Make Compost?

Hen icon


Chicken Composting

happy worm icon



goat icon


The Compost Chick does compost the all-natural way. By utilizing Chickens, Goats, and Vermicomposting, she is able to speed up the composting process. Chickens' natural tendency to scratch, scavenge, and, well, poop, helps break down and enrich the organic material. The goat bedding is used as one of the primary components of the compost, and our friendly worms carry a hefty workload too! When the waste passes through the worms, they leave behind the very special substance of vermicompost. The combination of these three things creates a compost like no other! 

Why Collect Food Waste?

It's our job to take care of the land we live on. Although it may not seem like collecting your scraps makes a difference, choosing to compost boasts a whole host of benefits for both you and planet earth. Some of these include reducing waste in landfills, bettering soil health, sequestering carbon, and even feeding the animals in the pictures above!

It's no wonder composting is such a no-brainer!

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Liz Feeding Goats animal crackers
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Chickens Eating from copost pile
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