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Liz's Wagon

Lets Work On The Community!

Here at The Compost Chick, we are passionate about educating and informing. Let's learn more about the amazing world of compost together!

Here Is the most popular way to work on the community:

We offer the chance, depending on her schedule, to have Liz The Compost Chick​ visit as a guest speaker and teach people of all ages what composting is all about. 

We also want to see how many people would be interested in doing a pumpkin event in October where people could compost their old jack-o-lanterns. Another option would be a leaf drive. If either of those sounds interesting to you, please submit that in a contact form or through one of our socials!

^This is young Liz!

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Young Liz holding a shovel

How Do We Build A Sustainable Community?

Community is more than just the people around us — it's the ground we walk on and the air we breath! When you're intentional with your waste, you help create a better future for those living on the same beautiful planet as you!

Why Collect Food Waste And Support Local Businesses?

Did you know that if an individual generates 4 gallons of food waste per week, that amounts to 208 gallons annually, or 1,664 pounds a year? By engaging in composting, particularly through the Compost Chick, you can avoid the need to handle the more unpleasant aspects, while simultaneously supporting local businesses, repurposing those scraps effectively, and contributing to the well-being of the community, its nutrition, and resulting in thriving plants and animals!

We also offer Home compost consulting

Compost consulting offers valuable guidance and expertise in the realm of composting, helping individuals or even businesses, optimize their composting practices for maximum efficiency and environmental impact. If you are struggling to compost by yourself, let's see what The Compost Chick can do to help!

Send us a message, and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Thanks for submitting!

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